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Selecting an Oversized Clock: Styles and Function

Large decorative wall clocks are commonly known as oversized wall clocks, and they can be both highly functional and fashionable at the same time. In this article we will discuss some different styles of oversized clocks, and we’ll give you some tips for what to look for when shopping for one of these beautiful unique wall clocks.


One of the reasons that these big wall clocks are popular is because they are easy to read from a distance—in general, the larger the clock, the farther away you can be and still tell the time. In large spaces such as those found in schools and businesses, therefore, these clocks can be very functional. The INFINITY/ITC 90/0019 clock, for example, is popular in this type of setting. It has a 19” diameter, operates on one AA battery, and features quartz movement. It has a basic and classic design, but if you want something fancier, there are certainly lots of other choices.

Many of these giant clocks are very easy to hang, and very easy to maintain. It is very common for them to be powered by one AA battery. (As with most battery-operated devices, purchase of batteries tends to be separate.) Many of these clocks are reasonably light, but in any case be sure to secure them properly on the wall. (Note: if you are installing a wall clock on sheet rock, a snap toggle can support up to 75 pounds, and it’s an easy way to drill into the sheet rock.)


For an antique look and a clock made out of wood, this Lulu Décor Fleur De Lis Wood clock is stylish and makes for a great gift. With a diameter of 23.50”, it works well as an oversized clock, and it has a beautiful burgundy finish.

A very different look that is quite popular comes about by installing the clock numbers and hands individually on a wall. As you can see with this Alrens DIY clock, there is a 3D effect that can be had from these types of clocks. These clocks tend to be very large and visible.

A very different look can be had with this 30” Vintage Cottage Clock. It has a wide palette of colors that is sure to brighten up any space. If you like rustic and bold flavors, this is a wall clock that is worth checking out. The clock is made out of metal and wood composite materials.


We hope that you have enjoyed this article about oversized clocks. As you can see, there are many different styles to choose from when it comes to these extra large clocks, and there is a definite trend in how these clocks are providing style for the home or work. As with any type of clock in the home that has moving parts, you will want to check about noise levels of the clock if there is a possible sleep issue for anyone in your family.

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Selection of Extra Large Wall Clocks